10.11.2019 – 13.11.2019, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Critical Care Canada Forum 2019

The event was attended by a premier group of professionals that included opinion leaders from Canada and the entire world. LINET Canada was there to increase brand awareness in this new market and establish lateral tilt as effective support for lung ventilation.

“It was the first opportunity for LINET to meet with Canadian healthcare ICU professionals, and their reaction to lateral tilt and our bed was positive. Since this was only our first contact, we don’t expect to receive orders straight away. However, we did make the first baby steps in convincing Canadian ICU caregivers that Hillrom and Stryker aren’t the only companies with ICU solutions,” said Adela Vagnerova, Managing Director of LINET Canada. “We have to continue demonstrating the quality of our solutions, including lateral tilt, through customer presentations, future congresses, social media, etc.”

The conference included many interesting professional presentations, however, about 60% of them were focused on mechanical ventilation. This is when LINET had a chance to shine because even though most physicians and respiratory therapists are familiar with Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT), they probably weren’t aware that it can be used in conjunction with lateral tilt. Prof. Marcelo Amato created a great deal of interest by demonstrating how to create personalized ventilation solutions for each patient through the use of EIT with ALT.