07.11.2019 – 09.11.2019, Brazil
The 24th Brazilian Congress of Intensive Care Medicine

Since the beginning of October, LINET do Brasil has been running an Early Mobilization campaign. This campaign was chosen because one of the most popular topics of the 24th Brazilian Congress of Intensive Care Medicine (CBMI), which took place in November, was “Patient Early Mobilization“.

“This is the largest ICU congress in the region, and it was a unique opportunity to demonstrate our solutions to a high-level audience. It allowed us to speak with physicians that are often difficult to approach because of their busy hospital schedules,” said Carla Pierin, South America Marketing Coordinator.

LINET do Brasil attended this event along with more than 4,000 ICU specialists including doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, and other healthcare professionals. The focus was on Early Mobilization and the Multicare bed was showcased and used to demonstrate LINET solutions.

“During the breaks between lectures, Thiara Oliveira (Clinical Specialist) and I had the chance to give demonstrations of the Multicare bed and Early Mobilization solutions. We had a large booth (20m2) in a premium location which was always full of visitors. This gave us the opportunity to create brand awareness among a large number of healthcare professionals that influence the sales process in the ICU environment,” explained Carla Pierin.

There are many aspects to running an Early Mobilization Campaign and when it’s done properly success is guaranteed. The campaign started on social media using LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. One month before CBMI 2019, the social media posts were boosted with a paid campaign to increase traffic and interest.

“Planning for the conference is very important. We used the latest LINET stand concept with big screens and took the time to carefully choose a location for our booth that would increase our visibility to customers. Since our theme at this event was Early Mobilization with LINET we made sure that everything was tied to early mobilization. We displayed videos showing early mobilization techniques on the screens and we also performed demonstrations using the Multicare bed,“ said Carla Pierin. “One of the most crucial elements is having experienced and knowledgeable salespeople to help push the concept while working alongside clinicians who can explain the details in a medical sense.“