10.10.2019 – 12.10.2019, Rochester, Minnesota, United States of America
Mayo Clinic Mechanical Ventilation Conference 2019

LINET was one of only ten vendors invited to participate in this event and was well-received by all of the clinicians present. The Multicare bed was the centerpiece of the “ALT guided by EIT” presentation and a newly developed clinical concept, “Open Lungs Gently and Keep Them Open”.

“One of the biggest sources of satisfaction in my professional career occurred when our invention was confirmed by the most famous world pulmonologists and intensivists such as Prof. Marcelo Amato from University of Sao Paulo, Prof. Robert Kacmarek from Harvard University, Prof. John Marini from the University of Massachusetts, and Prof. Laurent Brochard from the University of Toronto. I had the opportunity to talk with all of them and demonstrate our technology and principles of suggested intervention. I participated in the lecture that Prof. Marcelo Amato and Prof. John Marini gave on Open lung strategy at the Mayo Clinic which demonstrated that the latest trends were in perfect alignment with what we are promoting,“ said Martin Ričl – Global Clinical Research Manager.

The reactions from the clinicians were amazing and the LINET booth was constantly busy giving demonstrations during the free time between the scientific program events. Martin Ričl explains, “Lateral tilt is widely used for many clinical applications, but the direct effect on human physiology wasn’t studied in detail and we found that some of the effects are more powerful than expected, sometimes even counter-intuitive. It was fascinating to have the opportunity to share our findings and show this effect to physicians and respiratory therapists in real-time and explain to them how lateral tilt can be used to benefit patients in terms of physician confidence and more gentle patient mechanical ventilation.”

A team from LINET Americas was selected to attend the conference as a pilot group to determine if the ALT/EIT training content was adequate for explaining the concept to people in very different positions such as management, sales, nurses and respiratory therapists. This team included Andrew Aitken - Director of Product Management and Marketing, Tammy Hicklin-Estabrook - Western Area Director, Don Brown – Account Executive and Respiratory Therapist, Julie Dilie - Clinical Team Leader, and Chuck Kessler - Account Executive for Minnesota and neighboring states.

Martin also said, “We spoke with professionals about this new market and the best way to enter it. We discussed methods of approaching new target groups, including respiratory therapists and intensivists, and what would be the best message to deliver to them. We now have important information that will allow us to continue developing and implementing our work into clinical practice and business as well and spread the experience within LINET Group SE.”