10.10.2019 – 11.10.2019, Russia
Russia-Territory of Care

The topic of the event was a discussion of social, medical, economic and legislative initiatives in the improvement of life quality of the older generation in Russia.

“Every year the attention to the interests of older people is growing. Today, these are the issues of supporting older people and realizing their potential, which are among the state strategic priorities. There is a rising number of social projects aimed at supporting the older generation, prolonging an active healthy life, providing the necessary medical and social assistance, reintegrating them into public life,” shares his opinion Mr. Anton Filimonov, Area Sales Manager in US and CEE/CIS, who specially came for the presentation of Wissner-Bosserhoff products.

In this regard, LINET presented the Sentida 6 bed, as well as the Sella multifunctional chair for moving patients, demonstrating the product features for the care of the older generation.

The participants were also particularly interested in the recommended techniques of early mobilization and “Moving and Handling” developed by the team of our clinical specialists.

Participation in such events allows us not to only demonstrate our products, but also to contribute to the process of global problems solving.