Protecting the environment, improving safe working conditions and preventing pollution are consistently among the company's top priorities.

LINET holds QMS (Quality System Management) and EMS (Environmental Management System) certificates according to the international standards ISO, MDSAP and MDR.

Doing business responsibly for LINET means, among other things, combining commitments to provide the highest possible quality and minimizing the impact of business activities on the environment. The company manages this by an integrated management system defined by the Company Policy document. Its functionality is confirmed by a number of certificates issued by leading certification authorities. An equally responsible approach to business is also a condition for the cooperation of business partners with LINET.

LINET is a holder of QMS (quality system management) and EMS (environmental management system) certificates according to the international standards ISO, MDSAP and MDR.

LINET operates an environmental management system that complies with the internationally recognized ISO 14001 standards. International system recognition and ISO certification are based on external audits performed by specialists from the renowned international company TŮV.

LINET's business is also reflected in the so-called environmental aspects, which relate to environmental protection. These aspects are constantly evaluated so that the company can make decisions that minimize its environmental footprint.

Currently, a new priority is the analysis of climate-energy measures aimed at carbon neutrality, ie to reduce the consumption of energy and natural resources, raw materials and waste generation, to make maximum use of renewable resources.

Company Policy