As part of its activities, LINET has long been striving for the broadest possible application of the principles of socially responsible business. At the local level, the company focuses primarily on supporting education and employment and on the overall development of the domestic Region of Slaný.

Support for education

LINET cooperates very closely with secondary schools – here, the doors are open to students interested in gaining experience who often begin their main employment here after graduation. As regards its field of focus and its own development centre, LINET is closely interconnected with technical universities, especially with the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering at the CTU. Here, LINET's key experts act as mentors, conduct lectures and collaborate on final graduation research papers.

Employee collections

Employees receive maximum support from the company management in volunteer activities, in organizing collections, etc. In this regard, the employees regularly participate in the current collections of the People in Need Foundation, but LINET employees contribute to people in need in other charity projects as well. Besides various charity activities, the company founder Zbyněk Frolík also supports the Good Angels project, both with one-off donations and with regular monthly financial support.

At the nation-wide level, LINET focuses on collaboration with projects that help disabled or otherwise disadvantaged people and their families.

Collaboration with the Barriers Account

The LINET Endowment Fund was created in 2012 under the patronage of the Barriers Account. The funds distributed within the LINET Endowment Fund are primarily for families in difficult life situations, and they help people with a reduced or completely impaired self-sufficiency who are staying or want to stay in a home environment. The support drawn from this fund is intended for the purchase of rehabilitation and compensatory aids. LINET is also continuously providing material donations in the form of beds, anti-decubitus mattresses and other equipment.

Every year, LINET employees participate in another project of the Barriers Account Foundation. In the running charity event Run and Help, they contribute a certain amount for handicapped children or other disadvantaged people for each kilometre run.

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Collaboration with Transparency International and the Anti-Corruption Foundation

As an example of a successful yet fair entrepreneurship, LINET financially supports organizations aimed at detecting corruption and dishonest approach in business as well as other spheres of social life. It supports its vision that it is possible to be successful in business without bribery, association with the mafia or unfair practices.