Be an object of desire, not just choice.


Our company’s mission is to be instrumental in improving the standard of healthcare and nursing services. Through our products and services, we define the highest standard of quality in the production of hospital and nursing beds.

We know our customers’ everyday problems and our solutions help overcome them. From the first moment of cooperation, the client has no reason to doubt our expertise, reliability and professionalism; Regardless of the size of the order.

We are the technological leader in the field and innovation is an integral part of our DNA. Our commitment is to help create the future of modern furnishings and fixtures for patient rooms. We will accomplish this through a close cooperation with medical staff and continuing to understand the latest medical advancements and trends in medical and technical science.

We listen to our customers and only offer them what they really need. We have clear selling points, but we are happiest when our products speak on our behalf. We trust the quality of our products, which is why we give customers as much time as they need to find their way to them.

We are a stable company and have stable relations with our business partners. We act transparently, and strive for relations based on mutual respect.

We take pride in our work and what we can offer our industry. We don’t measure our success in money, but in the customer’s enthusiasm for our solutions. We do not convince customers, but consult with them to meet their needs.  

We transform each order into an exciting experience, inspired by the flawless connection between state-of-the-art technology and attractive design.

We offer sophisticated products, but their benefits are clear at first glance. Our portfolio meets the needs of all specializations that require bed care. Finding a suitable solution for everyone is therefore a matter of moments.

In order to ensure that we fulfil this mission in all our activities, all decisions will be governed by the following PRINCIPLES/VALUES:

UNIQUE: We will outdo ourselves

We do not compete on the market in price, but through our technological lead. Each of our products and services includes unique features that the customer is not able to get from the competition.

SIMPLICITY: One look is enough to understand

The technological features of our products and services are in tune with our clients’ everyday reality. There is no need for complicated explanations, because customers immediately see our products as an answer to their problems.

PASSION: We know what clients need. We give them what they desire

We work transparently and predictably in our relations with customers. We don’t leave unanswered questions behind, we keep our promises. We ensure that cooperation with our company is not just another business deal for clients, but an experience charged with positive emotions.  

CONFIDENCE: The competition is no benchmark

We believe in ourselves. We do not doubt the quality of our products and services. We do not mention our competitors and we do not compare ourselves with them, unless the customer asks us to do so. We base our sales arguments solely on a perfect knowledge of the client’s needs.  

TRUST: We play by the rules

We comply with the law, and we do not engage in unfair business practices. Not only with customers, but also with business partners and we act with consideration and mutual respect amongst ourselves.