Benefity v kostce

Unique modern design

The transparent bed ends allow the child patient constant contact with the surroundings, with parents and staff always being close by. The colour printed motifs of the bed ends fully reflect the playful world of children.

Designed for:

  • Peaceful dreams
  • Feeling of safety
  • Perfect overview

Security key

Control panel is equipped with authorization mechanism. Applying special key to the symbol of the lock will set the control panel into operating mode.

Telescopic siderails

The two ergonomic handrails make the release of the siderails extremely safe. Designed in keeping with safety standards.

Removable bed ends

Allow full access to the patient, also come with an ICU version. Intuitive, immediately accessible unlock. High damage-resistant panel.

Zero gap

Autoregression ensures constant safety gap between the backrest and head end of the bed. Ergonomic positioning principles are maintained.

Clean lines, modern materials and fresh colours characterise the look of the Tom 2 bed creating a pleasant and credible impression on pediatric patient and their parents.

The unique range of the bed’s height adjustment extending to 25 cm (58-83 cm) ensures that the patient is safe in the bed and that nursing procedures are performed ergonomically.

The lowest safe position (58 cm) makes it possible to move the child patient from the bed as the siderails are under the mattress. The low position is also convenient for communication between a visitor and the recumbent child.

The maximum height (up to 83 cm) can be used as an examination position.

Electric positioning

The bed’s height, backrest tilt and TR/ATR position can be adjusted using the control panel. The GO button or STOP button ensure the safety locking of the bed against accidental movement.

Column construction

is one of the most distinctive features of the bed enabling height adjustment. It ensures perfect stability, hygiene and unrestricted access to all parts of the bed.

The siderails height positions are adjustable so they can meet current needs.

The siderails are at the mattress level when adjusted to the lowest position and thus provide excellent access to the child patient. The staff's work with the patient is significantly easier and more ergonomic.

The central position of the siderail allows a better view from the bed when communicating with a visitor or the accompanying person, or when watching television.

The highest position of siderails provides maximal protection against falls.

Technické vlastnosti

External dimensions

151 x 83 cm
Recommended mattress dimensions 137 × 70/10 cm
Mattress platform height (min-max) (electrically adjusted) 58 – 83 cm
Max. siderails height 80 cm
Autoregression of backrest 12.5 cm
Maximum backrest angle (electrically adjusted) 41°
TR/ATR tilt (electrically adjusted) 15°/15°
Weight (depending on equipment) 120 kg
Section of mattress platform 2
Safe working load 80 kg
Central castor control YES

  • Height adjustment motor
  • TR/ATR tilt adjustment motor
  • Backrest adjustment motor
  • Telescopic siderails, max height of 80 cm
  • Zero gap concept
  • Open bars on the siderails for practical use in pediatric care, e.g. for leading drains.

The column construction makes it possible to adjust the height of the entire bed, ensures perfect stability, provides unrestricted access to all parts of the bed and makes it excellent to clean.

  • Transparent bed ends
  • Bear motif decoration
  • 100 mm castors
  • Tente Motion castors 125 mm (O)
  • Tente Linea castors 125 mm (O)
  • Seperately and centrally braked

Power supply

230 V/±10 %
Maximum input max 1.6 A; 370 VA
Protection against water and dust IPX4


Instructions for Use for Tom 2
2023-06-07 Instructions for Use for Tom 2 in Czech in Linet design



Brochure -Tom 2 - New - Czech

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