In both cases, the tenders were held in order to procure modern universal beds for new buildings, construction of which the two hospitals completed this year. The customers opted for the bid from LINET Group namely in consideration of the favorable price-performance ratio, but a conclusive role was also played by the company’s production facilities as well as its financial health.  

“Typically, Dutch hospitals purchase beds in longer cycles, sometimes as long as every 15 to 20 years. For that reason, they need to be confident that the supplier is able to provide related services and support for the entire service life of the equipment. We’ve been active in the Netherlands for ten years now, while LINET Group itself has been operating in the global market for 25 years and is currently growing faster than any other company in the industry anywhere in the world. I believe that this too significantly influenced the final decision,” explains Joris van Campenhout, Sales Manager in wissner-bosserhoff Nederland BV.

The contract for JBZ includes 616 Eleganza 3 beds with accessories and represents the second time the hospital has cooperated with LINET Group – in 2011, the company supplied 20 Multicare beds for the hospital’s ICU.  

On the basis of the contract for MST, LINET Group will be supplying 543 Eleganza 3 beds and 495 Clinicare 10 antidecubitus mattresses. “Moreover, at the start of October, this customer ordered 30 Multicare intensive care beds and 30 Virtuoso active antidecubitus mattresses at a total value of 450,000 euros,” adds Joris van Campenhout.

The Eleganza 3 is one of the most popular solutions in the universal bed segment particularly in countries with developed healthcare systems. The electric bed provides a wide range of positioning options, including therapeutic positions, and features a number of innovative components designed to increase safety and facilitate patient transport during convalescence.


LINET Group is Europe’s largest producer of innovative, high-quality healthcare beds, antidecubitus mattresses, furniture, and comprehensive solutions for hospitals and nursing care facilities. The holding, with headquarters in the Dutch city of Dordrecht, employs nearly 1,200 people. It manufactures its products in two locations – Wickede, Germany, and Slaný, Czech Republic – and exports them to more than 100 countries around the world. The company maintains stable, organic growth thanks to its ability to meet customer needs with innovative new products, the competitive advantage of which lies within a proven pairing of technological and design know-how with streamlined production processes. To date, hundreds of prestigious university hospitals and nursing care facilities have opted for the sophisticated and high-quality solutions of the LINET and wissner-bosserhoff brands. LINET Group is active in the global market through subsidiaries in Europe, the USA, and Latin America. The company also has an expansive network of distribution partners.

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