The new bed is based on the top-end models found in intensive care and anesthesiology and resuscitation units; thus, it takes cutting-edge technology that has, until now, typically been available in specialized workplaces only and puts it at the fingertips of a greater number of healthcare professionals. The bed’s features have been engineered to fully satisfy the requirements of standard care hospital departments, where caregivers must regularly tend to patients with various locomotor impairments and medical problems.    

One the most remarkable innovations of the Eleganza 2 is its unique 4Safe® siderail design, in which the individual plastic rails are divided into two halves to ensure maximum patient safety along the entire length of the mattress platform. Lowering the siderails takes up a mere 6.5 centimeters; therefore, the bed is ideally suited for rooms with limited space. Thanks to gas springs, actuation of the siderails is smooth and quiet, meaning there is no unnecessary disturbance to patients.

“During development, we placed great emphasis on patient safety, especially on the prevention of falls, an entire third of which, according to our analysis, is caused by poor ergonomics that hinder patients when they attempt to exit the bed. The Eleganza 2 eliminates this problem with a patented 3D handle integrated into the siderail that gives the patient adequate support when getting up,” explains LINET Group Marketing Manager Pavlína Horová.

The modern, sleek design of the Eleganza 2 is aesthetically pleasing and accentuates the new bed’s overall functionality, while a number of ingenious details contribute to the simplification of daily nursing duties and increase patient comfort.  

One such detail is the simple yet attractive backrest tilt angle indicator, in which the backlighting changes to green to provide nurses with a clear visual indication that the bed has been locked in position. Backlighting of the other controls facilitates discreet nighttime adjustments to settings. Additionally, the bed corners are fitted with easy-access IV pole sockets, and there is a special storage box that attaches to the siderail for convenient storage of the patient’s personal effects.

Comfort, safety, and ease of work were all taken into consideration during construction of the mattress platform, which is comprised of four independent sections. The design provides maximum positioning variability to best meet the needs of the caregiver and patient alike; moreover, it minimizes the amount of friction generated between the mattress platform and soft tissue of the patient during positioning, thus significantly reducing the risk of pressure ulcers and other complications.

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LINET Group is Europe’s largest producer of hospital and nursing care beds. The holding, with headquarters in the Dutch city of Dordrecht, was established in 2011 by the owners of the Czech company LINET and the German manufacturer wissner-bosserhoff after a twenty-year strategic partnership. Annually, LINET Group produces over 66 thousand beds and manufactures mattresses and other equipment for hospitals, social care institutions, and stationary nursing care units. To date, more than one thousand prestigious university hospitals and ten thousand nursing care institutions in over 100 countries throughout the world have chosen the sophisticated, high-quality solutions of the LINET brand. LINET Group operates several of its own sales subsidiaries throughout Europe and has additional subsidiaries in South America and the USA; furthermore, it has an extensive network of partner distribution companies. The holding currently employs approximately 900 people. Learn more at www.linet.com.

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