LINET expands antidecubitus mattress portfolio



The Air2Care line is principally intended for patients and nursing home clients confined to bed for extended periods of time. From the standpoint of the customer, one of the system’s main advantages lies within its versatility. The most affordable version can be used as an overlay atop an existing mattress, or as an independent system with either foam or static air base. Thanks to this variability, Air2Care can accommodate the needs of various types of patients and is suitable for those with a low to moderate risk of developing pressure ulcers.  

An active mattress, Air2Care delivers its therapeutic effect by means of an alternating air layer.  LINET Group Product Manager Iveta Kinterová explains: “The air layer of the active mattress comprises a structure of interconnected cells that intermittently inflate and deflate in a 12-minute cycle. By doing so, the mattress ensures regular reduction of pressure, which is one of the most dangerous factors contributing to the onset of pressure ulcers. Air2Care combines effective prevention with maximum comfort.”

Features of the alternating air layer that enable it to provide this high degree of comfort include static cells in the head section and lateral cells to give the patient stability and support while lying in the bed and when exiting it. The Air2Care system is available with two types of compressor – the basic Air2Care 10 and the Air2Care 20 with sophisticated audiovisual alarms. Both compressors are very quiet, which is especially important for patients and clients subjected to long-term hospitalization.  

The mattress is fitted with a high-quality, flexible cover fabricated of water-resistant yet vapor-permeable material that helps to create and maintain optimal hygienic conditions. The system control unit is intuitive and straightforward, while connecting or disconnecting the compressor is a matter of seconds. In order to facilitate patient in-bed transport, the system features a special transport mode that maintains air levels in the system even after it has been disconnected from the power supply or compressor.


LINET Group is Europe’s largest producer of innovative, high-quality healthcare beds, antidecubitus mattresses, furniture, and comprehensive solutions for hospitals and nursing care facilities. The holding, with headquarters in the Dutch city of Dordrecht, employs approximately 900 people. It manufactures its products in two locations – Wickede, Germany and Slaný, Czech Republic – and exports them to more than 100 countries around the world. The company maintains stable, organic growth thanks to its ability to meet customer needs with innovative new products, the competitive advantage of which lies within a proven pairing of technological and design know-how with streamlined production processes. To date, hundreds of prestigious university hospitals and nursing care facilities have opted for the sophisticated and high-quality solutions of the LINET brand. LINET Group is active in the global market through subsidiaries in Europe, the USA, and Latin America. The company also has an expansive network of distribution partners. More at www.linet.com.

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