At first, the company only made smaller metal products, such as cages and feeders for laboratory animals. However, after only two years of operation LINET began to supply high-quality hospital beds to the Faculty Hospital in Motol, the largest hospital in the Czech Republic. Over the 25 years of the company’s existence, the production, technologies and system in LINET have developed into an ultramodern operation comparable to car manufacturing as the industry with the most advanced technologies. Beds made by LINET are loaded with intelligent technologies and practical functions that make these beds much more than a mere passive space for patient’s hospitalisation. They actively support the therapy and effectively contribute to recovery.

LINET’s sophisticated products have made an impression on customers worldwide, including those recruiting from the most demanding environment of prestigious medical facilities. The company makes almost 70 thousand beds every year. The Czech brand is keeping up with world leaders in dynamic regions. LINET enjoys a traditionally strong position in Europe and lately has celebrated some major achievements especially on the Chinese, Australian and Latin American market. On the American market, where LINET has operated its subsidiary company for four years, the company grows by leaps and bounds. LINET currently has 15 subsidiary companies and plans to establish some new subsidiaries, for example in Shanghai.

LINET’s story resembles the American dream. A company with highly modern parameters continuously attacking new technical and economic targets has grown practically from zero thanks to a great deal of talent, diligence and desire to continuously improve. Beds and other products sport unique, patented solutions that have raised the entire business to the next level, for example the column unit lifting mechanism.

Not only are LINET’s products praised within the industry, but they have also received some of the renowned design trophies (RedDot, IF Design, National Award for Design). What’s more, beds and LINET as a company have received awards for their innovation potential (Czech Head, Innovation of the Year, etc.). LINE T was the winner in the first year of the Company of the Year award presented by Hospodářské noviny and LINET’s founder, Zbyněk Frolík received the prestigious title Entrepreneur of the Year.

The company’s key philosophy, which plays a major role in its success, is to continuously invest into further development of employees in particular, and into costly machinery and technologies. However, LINET does not limit its systematic support to its own development. As the management places social responsibility high on the priority list, the company contributes to interesting educational and charitable projects. This year, as we celebrate a quarter of a century since the company’s establishment, LINET donates CZK 1 million to the needy through the LINET endowment fund, which cooperates with the Charta 77 foundation’s project Konto bariéry.

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