Praktika 1


The use of the Ergoframe system in this class is entirely unique. When positioning the four-section mattress platform, the system ensures optimal distribution of pressure on the body’s high-risk areas, thanks to which the bed is highly effective at preventing pressure ulcers. The Praktika 1 also stands out in the mechanical bed category for its strict compliance with European safety standard EN 60601-2-52.

When positioning the bed, the Ergoframe system ensures that there is sufficient space between the middle section and the sections beneath the back and thighs, thus protecting the patient from the occurrence of pressure ulcers in any position. 

Mechanical positioning is carried out by means of a crank mechanism located beneath the length of the bed. This solution significantly reduces the strength required to operate the bed and it also reduces the risk of malfunction. Furthermore, positioning is very smooth and takes place without direct contact with the mattress platform, which provide patients with a greater degree of safety and means that caregivers are protected from occupational injuries. 

The bed’s design was inspired by the successful electric Eleganza 1 model and makes use of LINET’s extensive experience in the area of ergonomics. The split plastic side rails and head end give the bed an attractive, modern appearance, which the customer can alter using colored accents. The plastic components can be easily cleaned, which helps reduce the risk of healthcare-associated infections (HAI).      

“As far as the price-performance ratio goes, the Praktika 1 is unrivaled in its segment. The quality of the materials, the design, the variability of the positioning – these are the key advantages that mean this bed can offer, insofar as it is able, a level of comfort and safety similar to that of higher-end models,” adds LINET Group product manager Iveta Kinterová.

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