LINET will begin supplying the first mattresses at the start of the January 2015. “Thanks to this contract, we’re building our position as one of the most important players in the rental market. In France, we recently invested in a new decontamination center that serves to clean the rented equipment. Together with the two centers we have in Britain and one in Holland, we have sufficient capacity to cover long-term supply to customers from the majority of the countries in Western Europe, where rentals are continuing to gain in popularity,” says Rental Manager in LINET Group Miguel Aldegunde.

With rentals, hospitals can more easily achieve greater flexibility in budgeting and reduce problems with cash flow. Instead of a one-time purchase of a fixed number of mattresses that may in time prove to be inadequate, medical institutions can rent what they need when they need it. Moreover, with rentals there are no concerns arising from the service and maintenance of the rented products. 

Logically, the advantage of this model is that hospitals can afford higher quality equipment than if they were to buy it outright. Thanks to advanced technologies, the mattresses provide a significant boost to the prevention of pressure ulcers, which on the global level have become one of the main sources of secondary costs related to hospital care,” adds Martin Ženíšek, Project Development Manager in LINET.

The Virtuoso and Precioso mattresses represent sophisticated antidecubitus systems that actively contribute to the prevention of pressure ulcers and, in some cases, their treatment as well. The mattresses employ an innovative construction of individual air cells in which pressure is temporarily reduced to zero at a clinically proven interval. Pressure ulcers are caused by the compression of soft tissue. This system ensures that all the points on the patient’s body subjected to pressure are successively relieved of its damaging effects. The mattresses were designed with consideration for ease of use, maximum patient and caregiver safety, and, of course, simple maintenance and cleaning.  

England also showing interest

The French mattress rental contract is not the only one that LINET has concluded this year; for example, in the first half of the year, the company won a contract for the rental of its active antidecubitus mattresses to a group of nine healthcare facilities in the English city of Bristol.  

The contract includes approximately 280 active air antidecubitus mattresses that LINET will be supplying for a period of two years. Initial deliveries under the contract, which is valued at more than one million euros, got underway at the end of March. The contract is based on something known as “fully managed cooperation”, which consists in the customer simply ordering a mattress for a specific patient and then arranging to have the product picked up again once treatment has been completed.


LINET Group is Europe’s largest producer of hospital and nursing care beds. The holding, with headquarters in the Dutch city of Dordrecht, was established in 2011 by the owners of the Czech company LINET and the German manufacturer wissner-bosserhoff after a twenty-year strategic partnership. Annually, LINET Group produces over 66 thousand beds and offers mattresses and other equipment for hospitals, social care institutions, and stationary nursing care units. To date, more than one thousand prestigious university hospitals and ten thousand nursing care institutions in over 100 countries throughout the world have chosen the sophisticated, high-quality solutions of the LINET brand. LINET Group operates several of its own sales subsidiaries throughout Europe and has additional subsidiaries in South America and the USA; furthermore, it has an extensive network of partner distribution companies. The holding currently employs approximately 900 people. More at www.linet.com.

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