In his speech, the ambassador spoke of LINET as an important representative of Czech industry, one whose results long ago overreached the borders of the Czech Republic and has grown into a key player in the global market. Thus, he again helped in presenting the company to experts and representatives of the Australian government’s healthcare commission.

“The support not only from our ambassador but also from representatives from the consulate as well as the Czech branch the Czech Trade agency has been exceptional. I trust that our close and effective cooperation will continue and that we’ll succeed in increasing awareness of our products and activities and accelerate our expansion in the Australian market,” says Jiří Mlch, regional manager for Asia and the Pacific.

Both events were attended by representatives of the Australian government, representatives of important state and private companies, Czech emigrants to Australia, and several members of the business community. LINET was proud to sponsor the events, and thanks to excellent representation on the part of marketing director Klára Hrozinková, they were a huge success and received praise from all involved parties.

With its sponsorship contribution, LINET helped secure performances by a bagpipe band that travelled and gave shows throughout Australia. The band’s performances rounded out the celebrations in Canberra and Sydney and were met with great enthusiasm on the part of both our fellow Czechs and Australian friends too. Since LINET was sponsor, its logo and banners were visible at each of the venues during the band’s tour.

The road show will continue through the middle of November and will include stops in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, and Tasmania.

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