“After-sales service is one of the most critical segments in the entire organisation. Our goal is see to the continued improvement and streamlining of processes, which brings us to our fundamental goal of customer satisfaction. This type of meeting gives the members of LINET Group the opportunity to grow and improve across the field,” says after-sales service manager Josef Bystrianský of the core idea behind the meeting. The event, which is held each year, kicked off on October 25 with a group dinner. Among the attendees was a Borcad Medical service representative. The event also included a presentation on the company and its products and a presentation on the way service works at Borcad with focus on sharing common service practices.

On Wednesday morning, the main programme featured presentations from the individual companies prepared by their service managers. Each representative spoke about results and key successes in the given market. The presentations closed with discussions on important service contracts, financial results, and comparisons of customer expectations in the various territories.

The afternoon was devoted to tools and processes for streamlining contracts and increasing the quality of the service provided to the customer. This year, we put special emphasis on the speed with which service is provided, the centralised management of replacement component logistics, and the overall process of service contracts. Other points covered in the programme included new tools such as CRM (Customer Relationship Management), customer mobile applications, and the concept of marketing support for service.

These new items were presented by guests invited from LINET. IT project manager Tomáš Domas was on hand from the IT department, and product manager Jarmila Vindušková spoke on behalf of the marketing department. The HR department was represented by Jana Svrčková, who added a presentation of the new onboarding application.

On Thursday afternoon, there was a workshop devoted to the subject of a long-term five-year service strategy. “This exercise gave the team the right spirit of cooperation and operation as the LINET Group service organisation. Everyone had the opportunity to learn from the other members of the group. Thanks to this, we now have a clear vision of where and how we want our organisation to go in order to generate interest in it,” says workshop moderator Andreas Buchberger, after-sales manager for wissner-bosserhoff.

“I trust that our joint activities, meetings, and presentations helped all participants clarify their goals, accept new challenges, and actively contribute to developing the LG AfterSales Service brand. It was wonderful to see the enthusiasm with which our colleagues actively shared their experiences and successes. I would like to thank all the participants for their proactivity and energy in the work they carry out all year long. I look forward to our next traditional meeting,” adds Mr Bystrianský.

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