Among the guests who flew in on Monday morning were high-ranking board members of foreign health ministries and distributors. On the first day, the afternoon programme comprised of a conference at the Czech foreign ministry. The main topic of the meeting was international cooperation in healthcare supported by economic diplomacy.

On Tuesday morning, participants were introduced to LINET, where they first saw a presentation about the company and then took a tour of the production facilities. In the afternoon, they saw a second presentation, this time on nine companies of the Association of Manufacturers and Suppliers of Medical Devices (e.g., MEDIN, a.s., Embitron, s.r.o., EGO Zlín, s.r.o.). This was followed by individual business meetings. The mission concluded on Wednesday afternoon with a visit to Motol University Hospital, where the guests were given a tour of several clinics and departments.

“We’re very pleased to have had the opportunity to welcome these respectable guests from the Baltics and introduce them to LINET, not only by means of presentation but through a tour of our production facilities too. It was an excellent opportunity for us to establish contact with important healthcare officials from the various countries,” says Adéla Vágnerová, LINET regional sales manager for Central and Eastern Europe.

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