“We have more than 25 long-standing distributors and partners in the region. The meeting featured programs for management, sales, and technical service. There were particularly large numbers of distributors in attendance from the GCC, one of the pivotal leaders in our markets,” says Jiří Plecitý, Area Sales Manager for the Middle East and Africa. He goes on to add: “We thanked our partners for the outstanding results they achieved over the course of the previous fiscal year. There was a presentation of new LINET products, and an interactive workshop was also conducted. The face-to-face sharing and exchange of experiences in the various markets is the most important aspect of the meeting. I trust that we succeeded in providing our partners with sufficient motivation for the next demanding fiscal year.”

During the meeting, the best partners of the 2015/2016 fiscal year were presented with awards. They were evaluated in several categories, such as the most innovative project, the highest sales, and the best service. “High-quality work on the part of our distributors is very important to us, as only through it are we able to carry the high LINET standard over to our customers,” says Adriana Bašovská. She adds: “I firmly believe that even in light of the demanding targets we’ve set, the next meeting will take place with the same degree of optimism and spirit of spontaneity as this year’s meeting.”

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