From March 15-17, a team from LINET, headed by Marketing Director Klára Horzinková and Regional Sales Manager for Asia and the Pacific Jiří Mlch, presented the company’s line of hospital beds. They were supported by the Czech ambassador in Canberra, Martin Pohl, the Czech consul general in Sydney, Hana Flanderová, and the director of the CzechTrade foreign office in Sydney, Vojtěch Helikar.

With the support of the embassy in Canberra, the general consulate in Sydney, and CzechTrade in Sydney, LINET’s mission also successfully moved into Queensland, South Australia, and Victoria. In these states, Jiří Mlch met with a number of key healthcare officials and had an opportunity to present the company and its portfolio to local health ministries and healthcare technology purchasing agents. This year, again with the support of the embassy, consulate, and CzechTrade, LINET wants to conduct similar negotiations in New South Wales, Western Australia, and the Northern Territory. The company is also aiming to extend its activities to New Zealand, where it has already held discussions with potential distributors.

Australia is one of the markets LINET is counting on for its further international expansion. The company is presently active in the market through exclusive cooperation with the Australian distribution company ACI Group, which has offices in all of the states of the Commonwealth of Australia.

In coordination with the Czech office of the agency Austrade and Australia’s honorary consul in Prague, Petr Vodvářka, LINET has prepared a collaborative project with healthcare personnel education centres in the state of Victoria. On 1 and 2 March 2016, the company’s hospital beds were demonstrated at the INHA and ACFE education centres in Melbourne with the participation of the Czech embassy in Canberra, under whose patronage the project is being executed. 

Marketing Director Klára Horzinková outlines future plans: “We’re planning to continue in this successful collaboration. We’re already conducting negotiations with Martin Pohl, the Czech ambassador in Canberra, regarding patronage for LINET in a meeting of government organizations in Australia with parallel support from Austrade and the Czech consulate. The meeting is being planned for the fall of this year.”

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