summit Mexico


Mexico HUB representatives from Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama, the Dominican Republic, Colombia, and Ecuador as well as Bolivia as a guest from our sister company LINET do Brasil, Ltda. spent long and interesting hours talking about the differences that we can make to improve the quality of life for patients and caregivers. During the training event, two experienced ICU nurses from a prestigious national institute contributed their points of view to enrich the discussions, which, in addition to covering the latest additions to our product portfolio, included clinical topics such as pressure ulcers and wound care, nosocomial infections and hospital acquired diseases, and patient mobilization.

One of the highlights of the training was a Lecture by Dr. José Guillermo Dominguez Cherit, sub-director of critical care medicine at the National Institute of Medical Sciences and Nutrition in Mexico City. Dr. Cherit is heading a multi-center protocol to establish the clinical relevance and benefits of lateral tilting in ARDS patients. The research team and all of us expect to have positive results in a few weeks. „It was definitely one of the best and creatively led sales meetings, which I have recently experienced,“ appreciates summit in Mexico LINET’s Global Marketing Manager Klára Horzinková.

As part of our campaign to foster a healthier way of life, the 1st Run for Care Race (5 & 10 K) took place on Thursday morning. All attendees, including our colleagues from the Czech Republic Rolf Pekař, Klára Horzinková, and Martin Ričl enthusiastically participated with many others and surpassed their own expectations to show the true LINET spirit. Congratulations to everyone!

Last but not least, on Thursday evening during the traditional gala and award night, four partners were recognized for their achievements during the last fiscal year. Alem from Ecuador and Cobisa from Costa Rica received awards for their outstanding performance that allowed them to surpass their sales plans. Vensi from Mexico displayed fantastic resilience after very complicated months and closed the year in spectacular style. For their efforts, they were presented with the LINET Spirit Award. Finally, ICS from Mexico received the Top Performance award for an incredible 90 % surpass of their already aggressive plan.

“Thanks to all within the HUB and our colleagues at HQ. The Mexico HUB enjoyed a very successful 2015/2016 fiscal year,” reviewed the events of the preceding days General Manager of wi-bo Mexico Mauricio Valero.

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