The New Karolinska university hospital is a truly unique project. In particular, the intensive care unit features the best and most modern equipment to be had. Therefore, the Czech prime minister wanted to see just what the hospital offers its patients. He was also very interested in LINET’s activities in Sweden, as the company is one of the Stockholm hospital’s proud partners. LINET will gradually be supplying the facility with up to 500 beds.

On November 4, together with the hospital’s director, representatives of LINET, namely managing director of LINET Group Tomáš Kolář and LINET Sweden managing director Petr Foit, hosted the Czech prime minister and introduced him to the Multicare bed. The bed provides the best possible care in the demanding settings of intensive care and anesthesiology. “It is a great honour for us to meet with the prime minister and introduce him to our product. Support of our activities from the highest positions is very important for LINET,” says Petr Foit of the diplomat’s visit.

LINET Sweden, which has been active in the Swedish metropolis for seven years now, is one of the most successful subsidiaries of LINET Group. It is the absolute leader in the Swedish market. Evidence of that standing can be found in the hospital’s selection of LINET’s beds.

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