LINET is number one in the industry, thus it was by no coincidence that the company chose to work with such an eminent artist.“We don’t settle for average; we work with the best,” says the company’s global marketing director Klára Horzinková. An original campaign was chosen to support the launch of the Eleganza 5. It accents the light and graceful movements of ballerinas as a metaphor to express the features and benefits of the new bed. “When ballerinas dance, their movements are graceful and seemingly simple. But there’s lots of hard work behind such results. The same is true of our beds. At first sight simple lines, but behind them are hours and hours of work on the part of developers, technicians, and engineers,” adds Ms Horzinková.

The gala evening was hosted by the director of LINET’s Swedish subsidiary, Petr Foit. Over the course of the evening, he shared the stage with Klára Hrozinková as well as with the company’s founder, Zbyněk Frolík, managing director, Tomáš Kolář, and chairman of the board, Michael Rosada.

The event was held during the largest healthcare trade fair, MEDICA, at which LINET regularly appears every two years as an exhibitor. This time, LINET shared its booth with BORCAD Medical, in which it acquired a majority stake this October. Visitors to the booth were able to see the Image 3 w bed, the AVE birthing bed, Pura, and a gynaecological chair.

The gala programme culminated with the auction of five hand-signed photographs by Robert Vano that were created for the new bed’s campaign. Prior to commencing the auction, BORCAD Medical director, Martin Těšitel, vowed to double the overall proceeds. Thus, the charity auction raised 7,200 euros. The proceeds will go to support the mHealth project in Cambodia, which is run under the patronage of the non-profit organisation People in Need, with which LINET is engaged in long-term cooperation. The project focuses on reducing the number of mothers who die during childbirth, which is 30 times higher in the region than in Europe. It also helps prevent newborn mortality and works to improve mothers’ access to information on child nutrition and health.

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