LINET was represented at the conference by regional managers Jiří Plecitý, Adriana Bašovská, and Jitka Stránská, and clinical coach Kateřina Jansová was responsible for conducting product demonstrations.

“We’ve participated in this event several times, so we have a very good position. We showcased the Multicare bed with Virtuoso active mattress,” says Adriana Bašovská. She goes on to say: “The conference had excellent attendance, and there was great interest in the bed demonstrations. We were able to address visitors not only from the Persian Gulf and neighboring countries but also from India and other Asian countries.”

Jiří Plecitý had the following to say of the company’s participation in the conference: “We also met with our existing customers and presented new products to them. The number of visitors far exceeded our expectations and we once again confirmed that LINET has a very good reputation in the world. In light of the great degree of success at this year’s event, we’re definitely planning to be at the next one.”

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