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The participants put the active mattresses to the test and also took turns handling our beds, which gave them real insight into the degree of comfort these products afford nurses and patients during daily use. They were introduced to basic sales principles and arguments in order to be prepared to present the unique characteristics of our beds to their customers. A group of service technicians from all of the countries of the region gained important knowledge and, thanks to practical tutorials, hands-on experience in the correct servicing and maintenance of our beds to keep them in top technical condition.

Over the course of the week-long program, we received lots of valuable information from the various markets, and we’ll be passing it on to product management representatives as well as the technical and construction departments. I trust that this joint training program, which for the first time took place on the premises of one of our partners in the region, will help to advance our sales activities, increase the level of expertise of our partners, and provide those partners with the confidence they need to successfully compete with our competitors in this very difficult market. Furthermore, I see this as the start of a tradition of similar gatherings, during which we’ll continue to fortify and cultivate very friendly and collegial relations among all of the partner companies in the region, thus further reinforcing LINET’s position in the Asian market.   

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of the participants for their keen interest and responsiveness as well as for the friendly atmosphere that they created throughout the week. I also want to thank all of our trainers – Tereza Halfarová, Barbora Timrová, Jiří Kalous, and Monika Stránská – for the professionalism, devotion, and enthusiasm with which they interacted with the participants.

From 17 to 22 May, we’ll be conducting the same training program for representatives from our Indian and Pakistani partners. I trust that it will be no less successful than the recent training in Jakarta. What’s more, in the fall of 2016, we’ll be introducing a new product in this region – the Eleganza 5.

Jiří Mlch, Regional Manager for Southeast Asia, the Pacific, and Australia

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