The primary goal of the summit was to obtain feedback from other markets, which is very important for future sales success. The program included presentations of several new products that will be available in the market this year. It was, therefore, necessary to familiarize representatives of key markets with what lies ahead. LINET product manager Antonín Borovka also spoke of the vision for future developments within the product portfolio.

One of the topics of the summit focused on improvements in several core areas. All the participants discussed ways to deepen their collaboration in order to streamline the launching of new products and ensure that everything is always prepared for the successful commencement of sales in a particular market. At the same time, they discussed marketing support and possibilities for its improvement. Trainings and webinars are also to undergo development, with greater emphasis being placed on supportive activities, such as the clinical trainings that are so important in the area of mattresses.

“We agreed that this meeting was very beneficial to all of us and that similar meetings should take place every six months. They help to improve the sharing of know-how among the individual countries. At the summit, we also looked at ways to improve services toward our partners by means of an extranet, which is an internet portal for partners. Thanks to it, in the future we’ll be able to more efficiently address key questions from the market concerning mattresses and thus better promote global sales,” adds Borovka.

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