“Clients who have completed hospitalization in the hospital yet are not able to care for themselves and have no arrangements for follow-up care can request to stay in the social care department,” explains the hospital’s director Radan Volnohradský, M.D. 

The new department is located on the second floor of pavilion F. The hospital has equipped the new facility with a total of 15 new beds “There are special adjustable beds from LINET that protect patients from falls thanks to their full-length side rails. Moreover, all of the beds are equipped with antidecubitus mattresses, which protect patients from pressure ulcers,” adds Volnohradský. He wnet on to explain that the renovation of the new department cost 6.5 million CZK, and the hospital successfully carried out the works in cooperation with the governing body of the town of Šumperk.

LINET’s Altura Thema electric adjustable bed offers a wide range of options both for patients and hospital personnel. Its sophisticated design, smart build features, and the durability of the materials fully respect the latest findings in hygienic hospital care. The full-length side rails provide effective individual protection against falling out of the bed. The Virtuoso mattress is the absolute best in meeting the requirements and needs of demanding nursing care for high-risk patients. The special characteristics and features of this active system also allow for round-the-clock care of entirely immobile patients, namely in intensive care. The reversible Eleganza Classic patient cabinets make hospital stays easier for patients and also increase their level of comfort. The tables cover a wide spectrum of functions and are very easy to maintain.

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