The historic inaugural joint sales and marketing meeting was a big success and was attended by all partners from the Indian subcontinent, including India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka, as well as by Asian partners from Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, and Indonesia. Partners from the most distant of continents, Australia, were also in attendance. On the first day, attendees were briefed on the region’s results to date as well as on the marketing strategy for the upcoming period.“It was a fantastic opportunity to for an informal meeting, during which we shared all of our experiences and successes in our various countries. We also had the opportunity to identify areas in need of improvement in order to maintain positive results and continual growth across the region,” says regional manager for Asia and the Pacific Jiří Mlch. He adds: “I trust that we’ve started a tradition of similar meetings, which serve both to strengthen the relationship between our partners and mother company and also provide an excellent platform for acquiring information on trends, requirements, the competition, and the overall situation in such distant markets.”

On the second day, a workshop dedicated to the Eleganza 5 and product strategy was conducted. The last day was topped off with a gala evening complete with a spectacular dance and light show appropriately named Dance of Light E5. The evening was hosted by Klára Horzinková and Petr Foit, who took an unconventional and original approach to presenting the idea of the concept and the product’s main benefits to the partners. The black-and-white event was conceived in the spirit of the creative communication campaign prepared in collaboration with former prima ballerina of the Czech National Theatre and soloist with the Hamburg Ballet Adéla Pollertová and renowned photographer Robert Vano. Thus the Eleganza 5 was introduced to the partners through the graceful yet dynamic body language of ballet dancers.

Prior to the celebratory toast and launch, Rolf Pekař presented the region with an Eleganza 5 for training and promotional purposes. “The atmosphere was charged with elegance and emotions too and was met with immense enthusiasm and endless applause from our partners. The region welcomed the Eleganza 5 with open arms,” says LINET global marketing director Klára Horzinková. Jiří Mlch too was unable to contain his contentment with the successful event: “I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for the positive approach and constructive and valuable contributions. I would especially like to thank Klára Hrozinková and Petr Foit for their assistance in ensuring that entire event went off without a hitch.”

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