On both days, presentations and demonstrations of the MULTICARE and SENTIDA 7-i beds were attended by the schools’ complete management and representatives along with dozens of students from Australia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Thailand. Thanks to the patronage and personal participation of Czech Ambassador Martin Pohl, organizers succeeded in inviting to the meeting at ACFE the former president of the Victorian Legislative Council and president of ACFE Mr. Robert Smith. The presentation was also attended by Mr. John Winders, former president of one of the largest banks in the region.  

“Next week we are holding a meeting with representatives of the TAFE SA education centre, this time in the south of Australia in Adelaide. The meeting will include visits to local hospitals. We will then travel to Auckland to meet with our new partner there. We will also be meeting with an honorary consul, who, based on a reference from the Czech Ambassador, has expressed interest in meeting and a willingness to assist us in establishing ourselves in the New Zealand healthcare market. These are our first direct sales activities in this market,” says Jiří Mlch, Regional Manager for Southeast Asia.

“The three-week journey will conclude with the HEALTH CARE WEEK exhibition in Sydney, which is being held from the 14th to the 18th of March. The Czech Ambassador, the director of the Czech Consulate in Sydney, and the director of CZECH TRADE Australia Mr. Vojtěch Helikar will all be supporting the event in person,” adds Klára Horzinková, head of marketing at LINET.

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