The training began on Monday, October 10 and was attended by 15 colleagues from 10 countries and our subsidiaries. The day’s programme included a presentation on the second quarter budget as well as budget planning for the third quarter of the 2016 fiscal year. The participants then spent a pleasant evening together and enjoyed a performance at the Black Theatre.

On Tuesday morning, they regrouped to learn in detail about the original creative concept that was conceived specifically for the new Eleganza 5 bed. The campaign for the new product was photographed by world-renowned photographer Robert Vano. Thus, a series of photographs was created depicting ballerinas together with former National Theatre principal dancer and Hamburg Ballet soloist Adéla Pollertová. The campaign’s core element is elegance, which corresponds with the visual and character aspects of ballet. Ballet, just like the Eleganza 5, represents levity, purity, simplicity, and synchronized motions.

Participants to the training were shown a new product video and familiarized themselves with all of the marketing tools that are available to them. Furthermore, during the presentation they were able to consult about their experiences from various regions and assess their effectiveness.

Following the morning session, the participants travelled to Želevčice, where they met with product manager Pavel Pospíšil in order to see the Eleganza 5 in all its beauty. Mr Pospíšil gave a thorough introduction of the new bed, and the participants were able to try its features for themselves. “The workshop was demanding, the programme was packed, but I’m convinced it was very useful,” says Jarmila Vindušková, who’s responsible for communicating the new bed. She goes onto say: “I think it’s important to meet with colleagues on a regular basis in order to exchange the best experiences and share the latest information. Especially now when we’ve got a new product it’s very important that everyone knows how to contribute to the successful market launch of the Eleganza 5 and that the sales associates have the marketing and sales support they need.”

The Eleganza 5 will be officially introduced on November 16 in Düsseldorf during the Medica trade fair. The introduction programme will include an exclusive auction of one of Robert Vano’s photographs, the proceeds from which will be donated to charity.

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