The company opted to promote the introduction of the Eleganza 5 with a creative and original communications campaign highlighting the effortlessness and gracefulness of ballerinas as a metaphor for the new bed’s features and benefits. For ordinary mortals, ballerinas are ethereal and graceful beings, yet their beautiful art is the result of much hard work. The same is true of the innovative Eleganza 5, which is a showcase for the professional approach and diligent work of the developers, engineers, and designers who instilled it with the right degree of elegance.

The photo shoot, which involved five ballerinas, was held at Prague’s Dancing House as well as in studios located in the city’s Holešovice district. It was conducted by renowned photographer Robert Vano, who collaborates with prestigious global personas and brands. “It was an honor for us to work on this campaign with a world-famous artist, and we are very happy that he has helped us introduce this new product to the market,” says LINET global marketing manager Klára Horzinková. The star of the photo shoot was Adéla Pollertová, former prima ballerina of the National Theatre in Prague and soloist at the Hamburg Ballet. Today, she owns her own ballet studio.

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