The first part of the course comprised a theoretical lecture by Lorraine Demott on the causes of pressure ulcers, their stages, and their prevention, together with a presentation of LINET’s passive and active mattresses (including hybrid mattresses) by Zdeňka Chalabalová. Participants were provided with samples of the passive mattresses so they could examine their structure and feel their density.

The second part of the course feature individual products. Zdeňka Chalabalová introduced the CliniCare HF 100 and Precioso, Lorraine Demott presented the Virtuoso along with several selected principles of moving and handling techniques using slide sheets. At the end of the course, both trainers received sincere thanks. Lorraine, moreover, was praised for her enthusiasm in presenting new solutions that help ease the demanding workload of nurses.

When we look back at this training course, we can say that the participants were perceptive and open to new findings and technologies. They were particularly interested in moving and handling techniques and the use of slide sheets. Furthermore, none of the nurses indicated that her hospital or department was immune to pressure ulcers, which only confirms the breadth and seriousness of the problem.

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