Learn more about multiple Safety of Eleganza 5 bed. Advanced safety procedures and features of Eleganza 5 create a full system of safety management.

  • The Eleganza 5 devotes great attention to the siderails. The safe minimal gaps or the lowered siderail sensor are a must.
  • The i-Brake system prevents falls if the bed brakes are not activated.
  • The Safe Stop feature protects against injury in the lowest bed position.
  • The Multizone Bed Exit Alarm does not just raise an alert when the patient leaves the bed, but also indicates the risk for any unusual movement made by the patient.
  • The 30° Autostop feature always stops the backrest at the tilt for easier breathing.
  • The option of setting the bed to a very low position lessens the consequences of falls.

The BedMonitor system monitors the important safety features, so the staff have an overview of them on their monitor, tablet or phone.

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