540 exhibitors in the field of medical technology travelled to Johannesburg and individual countries also had their pavilions there. The Czech Republic did not hold an official presentation; nevertheless, the local Czech Embassy actively supports Czech companies. “We have established a dynamic collaboration with the Embassy which will result in a celebratory dinner and presentation of our newest products for key business partners,” stated Michal Dostál, LINET MEA Area Sales Manager.

The Africa Health exhibition had more than 10,000 visitors over three days, from the Republic of South Africa and the nearby countries of Namibia, Botswana, Zambia and Angola. “There was an intense interest from visitors. The new TOP intensive care bed Eleganza 5 and the unique TOM 2 bed, which has established a new category of children’s beds, were good choices for the exhibition and precisely meet the needs of this growing market. We also had a number of meetings with potential trading partners in these countries,” said Michal Dostál, describing the event. The icing on the cake was supplied by the LINET stand mascots – teddy bears in knitted jumpers, providing welcome stress relief in the hectic atmosphere of the African exhibition.

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