Solidarity and assistance to those in need is expressed not only by management of LINET, but also by the spontaneous collections of the employees themselves. The biggest donation of 1 million crowns will go to the LINET Endowment Fund at the Barriers Account. LINET will give 300 thousand crowns to support the fight against corruption, and, in the activities of the employees, money was collected for the sick girl Boženka and for the fight against cancer.

Throughout the marketing year 2017/18, LINET will distribute 1 million crowns to help families in difficult situations. This amount is mainly for people with reduced or limited self-sufficiency who are staying or want to stay at home. The finances added to the LINET Endowment Fund will be used to help specific individuals in cooperation with the Barriers Account. "Aids for the handicapped are extremely expensive, and most families who are caring for loved ones who are not self-sufficient cannot afford them from their own means. Through the LINET Foundation, we want to make it easier for both the disabled and those caring for them at home," explained Zbyněk Frolík, founder of LINET.

The desire to help is not just a matter of the management and owners in LINET. Employees under the corporate name regularly contribute where needed. In May, for example, they participated in the Run and Help charity project, where they contributed an agreed amount to the collection for Boženka for each kilometre ran. In total, they ran a distance worth CZK 11,525 for her, and LINET also contributed the same amount to Boženka. Although this five-year-old girl has been suffering from a serious illness (spinal cerebral atrophy) since birth, she is now undergoing a new type of treatment, and she and her family believe that her condition will improve.

In May, LINET joined the 21st annual nationwide public collection on the Czech Day Against Cancer. In the workplace, the "guys from Linet" bought a famous symbol, a yellow flower, and they thus supported the fight against cancer of the head and neck, the main theme of this year's collection, with an amount of CZK 6,846.

However, LINET's donations also help in other areas. In May, Zbyněk Frolík financially supported the fight against corruption. An amount of CZK 200,000 is available to Transparency International, and a donation of CZK 100,000 was given to the Anti-Corruption Endowment Fund. "LINET is an example of how business can be done according to the rules and fair play both in the Czech Republic and abroad. We have always fought for our goals without corruption and dishonest methods. I am sorry that whenever someone is successful here in the Czech Republic, people immediately think of bribery, association with the mafia or unfair practices. We believe that by revealing real cases of corruption, not only will the business environment be cleansed, but the fund's activity will contribute to the establishment of a normal state in which we can definitively say no to corruption," says Zbyněk Frolík.

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