LINET Group is highly active and successful in the region and the exhibition is a wonderful opportunity to present all its new products, not just within the space of its stand S1J50.

The number one event was without a doubt the official opening of the local representation – LINET MEA during a gala evening that was held yesterday in Dubai at the Conrad Hotel. “We have been operating in the region for 6 years now and in that time my team has managed to triple the annual turnover, extend the commercial territory by a new country and become the number one company in its field in some of the countries,” said Jiří Plecitý, Managing Director LINET MEA. LINET MEA is based in the Dubai Design District and will provide support to customers and partners of the LINET Group. The sales network includes 28 partnership organisations which provide distribution and servicing in the region of the Middle East and Africa.

At the gala evening, which was attended by 220 guests and LINET Group’s TOP, the latest LINET products were presented using creative video-mapping: the Eleganza 5 acute bed and the AVE 2 birthing bed. A concert of classical music with a performance of a violin and piano repertoire of Antonín Dvořák’s works or Vittorio Monti’s lively Csárdás, provided a pleasant end to the official part of the evening.

The continuing exhibition will offer participants the opportunity to discover new products and learn of the exhibited portfolio of LINET Group, including beds and anti-decubitus mattresses. As well as the already mentioned new Eleganza 5 and AVE 2 beds, which could be examined at close hand by special product presentations, space was given to introduce the Safety Monitor. This modern application moves the healthcare bed into the dimension of the Internet of Things. It transmits information about beds, for example their safety parameters, functions and servicing to hospital systems such as for effective assessment of TCO. Doctors and nurses use the practical outputs to increase the safety and quality of care of in-bed patients.

The Multicare bed, in its “classical” version of a TOP resuscitation bed and in the special Multicare Original Concept, with a colour design of a dolphin and sea world motif intended primarily for long-term child patients, attracted the great attention of visitors. Of course, the paediatric segment was dominated by the TOM 2 children’s bed in its friendly design and unique functions.

“I can now say that this year’s Arab Health has been highly successful,” stated Adriana Bašovská LINET MEA Area Sales Manager. “I was able to meet and talk to customers at the stand that I had previously invited to the exhibition, but the second part of potential customers interested in LINET products were new people from my region of Africa who had heard of us or found our offer attractive,” she explained. LINET’s presentation aroused great response among customers from Sudan, as well as among visitors from other countries – Ivory Coast, Morocco and Tunisia. In commercial terms, cooperation is also seen as highly prospective with companies, usually European, building turn-key clinics in the region who often query us about our products. Africa is a generally highly diverse region. There are 50 countries here with a rapidly increasing population and great potential,” concluded Adriana Bašovská. What is interesting to know is that there is interest in this exhibition and in LINET Group from customers of the region of the former USSR, who are based or often reside in Dubai.

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