“During the meeting with the management of your company, I spoke a sentence that I have never spoken in any other company and will never speak again. That sentence was: If I weren’t the president of the Czech Republic, I’d want to be an employee of LINET,” announced Miloš Zeman when meeting with employees. “The reason for that is very simple: LINET is at the top of its industry. I encounter the name of your company practically every day; I value the fact that your sales volumes and profits are growing and that you are investing that profit into expanding production. I have been informed that the average monthly salary here, excluding management, is 33,000 CZK, and I want to believe that. It must be a pleasure to work in a company like this.”

Questions from the public during the subsequent discussion addressed the strengthening of ties with eastern countries and the upcoming presidential elections. Miloš Zeman emphasized that the United Kingdom and Germany also maintain contacts with China and Russia, thus there is no reason to label him an agent of these world powers. “Nobody knows that I’m merely an agent of the Czech Republic,” he told listeners. He also proposed that the Czech government do as he did and include Czech business representatives in its negotiations with representatives of the People’s Republic of China. In response to the last question, Miloš Zeman said that at the end of his mandate he would retire to his cottage in the Vysočina Region and read his favorite genres – history, nonfiction, and science fiction.

In closing, the president was presented by LINET managing director Zbyněk Frolík with a voucher for a nursing care bed and a child´s bed with special mattresses for subsequent use in charity activities.

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