The innovative AVE 2 birthing bed is exceptional in many respects, not least of which is its sophisticated design. It makes the mother-to-be feel comfortable and safe and provides medical personnel with reliable and practical help, thus improving and facilitating care during all stages of childbirth.

“We appreciate the award and are very proud of it. Harmonizing medical furniture design and functionality is never easy; however, designers Mr Španihel and Mr Šipula have been very successful indeed,” says Josef Novák, BORCAD Medical product manager. He adds: “I would like to give big thanks to all the people who participated in developing and manufacturing the bed. We should not forget to thank design manager Petr Míl. We firmly believe that this award will convince customers that they’ve made the right choice. I think the Red Dot Award is proof that we take special care in producing precise, top-quality products.” This is not the first time BORCAD Medical has succeeded in this most important global design competition; the GRACIE gynaecological chair won the Red Dot Award in 2011.

Since autumn 2016, BORCAD Medical a.s. has been a member of LINET Group SE, which is the majority shareholder. The acquisition expanded LINET’s product range with a highlyspecialised product portfolio of birthing beds and gynaecological, transport, and dialysis chairs.

About the AVE 2

The AVE 2 birthing bed has many features that make childbirth easier for both the mother-to-be and medical personnel. Thanks to its broad range of accessories and adjustments, the mother-to-be can choose either a classic or alternative delivery method. A simple revolving mechanism allows the footrest to be retracted under the bed for faster and easier delivery, and removing it completely gives medical personnel better access to the mother-to-be. The unique oval shape of the supporting area is especially suitable for smooth delivery and provides ample working space for the obstetrician. The innovative telescopic bed structure offers a broad range of height adjustments, while side handles with intuitive control panel can be easily turned and retracted if necessary. Moreover, the high standard of hygiene and compact construction of the supporting area with plastic cover reduces the time required to clean the bed.

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