"Arab Health is a key professional event for us this year. Due to that we will launch new product and solution from LINET Group in 360° view. The news that we present in Dubai is then spread to other regions and other events of local or national importance. This includes both the products and the overall concept of the exhibition", said Gunter Röper, Global Marketing and Product Manager of the LINET Group. The modern open-space booth includes a dominant video wall in the shape of a semicircle. In this context, customers and partners will see LINET’s new concept of Early Mobilization with the Multicare bed, equipped with Virtuoso PRO, a new generation of active mattresses of the highest category. The Mother and Child concept will feature the AVE 2 birthing bed and you won’t want to miss TOM 2, a unique paediatric bed suitable for intensive care, with its beloved Tom the Bear mascot.

For the first time ever, LINET Group introduces a comprehensive concept of outpatient care, including one-day surgery, outpatient examination or therapeutic interventions. "The structure of healthcare is changing and the trend of the shortest intensive or acute care is being followed globally, including convalescence in special facilities, at home or outpatient," explained Gunter Röper. The second, growing "half" of this concept, includes a trio of newly designed products like the Sprint 100 stretcher, which has a new design that allows it to comfortably function like a full hospital bed. The new Pura chair is designed for non-invasive therapeutic and diagnostic procedures and its various functions are ideal for several hours of patient residence during dialysis or during chemotherapy. The trio is complemented by the Sella multifunctional chair which has applications across the spectrum of acute, long-term and home care.

"Our position in the MEA region has strengthened and we bring LINET with European standards of quality, norms and support,” said Jiří Plecitý, Managing Director at LINET MEA. It’s not only about the nurses that make up the main user base. By making the bed more and more functional and becoming a part of the therapeutic process, biomedical engineers and physicians also become relevant part of the user base. "We hope that, thanks to our concepts, presentations and the attractiveness of our booth, we will be able to reach all of the important players in the field" he concluded.

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