"Betting on the new presentation method has paid off to the last detail. The number of people who visited our stand was enormous and incomparable with that of our main competitors," says Christian Wurm, Area Sales Manager for Greater China and North Asia. "I believe that this mission was not only a great business success, but also a success in terms of improving our brand awareness," he says. “We are excited about the Chinese market and LINET is committed to further invest in the Chinese market. We will continue to hire more people and are looking forward to opening our new office and showroom within this year,” added Christian Wurm.

Through its interactive live shows, LINET presented its display case, an ICU solution represented by key products, namely the Multicare bed with lateral tilt and automatic lateral therapy for the prevention of VAP complications, the OptiCare active mattresses with a personalized effect, and the Eleganza 3XC bed. The second half of the exposition was dedicated to a big and topical subject matter in the region – the provision of quality care to mothers and their children. In the Maternity VIP Room, visitors had the opportunity to learn about the sophisticated AVE 1 delivery bed together with the stylish Image 3 bed designed for comfortable first moments of mother and her child. There was enough space also for the premiere of the new generation of the Sprint stretcher and the Eleganza 2 universal bed equipped with the BedMonitor smart application. A great design and cutting-edge equipment were also offered by the Gracie gynaecological workplace, which presented its comprehensive and modern OB/GYN solution.

"The new exposition concept emphasises the technological maturity and innovation potential of our portfolio. The symbiosis of state-of-art products, features, and applications with a clinical yet engaging live presentation is moving the LINET brand to the highest level in our industry," concluded Petr Foit, LINET's Sales Director for Export.

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