"The visit of Zambia's Minister of Health and the Ambassador of the Czech Republic was the culmination of extremely interesting discussions and negotiations with the most important representatives of the health sector in the country. We are pleased with the positive reception of our flagship products, the Eleganza 2 and Eleganza 1 acute care beds," says Milan Matěj, Area Sales Manager of LINET MEA. As in other African countries, Zambian healthcare is based primarily on the functioning of the private sector. As part of the gradual restoration and development of healthcare facilities, the demand for high-quality products is growing and the European beds made a very good impression here. "Local hospitals are mostly accustomed to beds of a lower quality. Our technological level, extended service life and high durability are clearly great advantages," says Milan Matějů with conviction.

At the 6th Annual Africa Hospital Expansion Summit, LINET has succeeded in establishing a number of promising connections, which are the basis for future cooperation. The interest of the Private Hospitals Association in the workshop on Moving&Handling technology is a noteworthy example. LINET representatives have also been able to pre-arrange the testing of Eleganza 2 beds in practice with several specific hospitals. "The local region is on the upturn, which is also reflected in the focus on improving the quality of care, including the quality of equipment," says Jiří Plecitý, Managing Director of LINET MEA. “The interest in our beds, as in the case of a recent delivery to the University Teaching Hospital in the neighbouring Botswana, is evidence of this as well," says Jiří Plecitý in conclusion.

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