"The children see Tom the Bear on the otherwise transparent bed ends of the TOM 2 paediatric bed. We believe that the combination of a unique and maximally functional bed with an attractive design together with the fairy tale story will make the hospital stay of children more pleasant. Karolína Shipstead not only drew Tom's story, but also made music for it. We are now presenting the song called Tom the Bear to the public both in and out of hospitals," says Michaela Domerecká, LINET’s Brand Manager for the TOM 2 bed. "We hope that children, their nurses and, of course, everyone else will come to love the catchy song as much as the main hero of the song," she adds. Tom's popularity is growing worldwide every day. LINET gives out small teddy bears for hospitals along with the so-called Tom Package: crayons, colouring books and inflatable balloons.

The long-term goal of the program "Smile with Tom the Bear" is to help the staff in children's wards to make children's' visit and stay in the hospital easier. Both Tom the Bear and the modern paediatric bed TOM 2 contribute to this goal. This bed is electrically positionable and innovative, and the telescopic tilting of the side rails allows perfect and fast access to a small patient in all the positions of the bed. The design of the bed is attractive and also maximally functional for the specific needs of intensive care units. The bed has an integrated infusion stand holder, easily removable headboards and design details that are compatible with ICU instrumentation.

The Tom the Bear song is available on the LINET´s YouTube channel together with a video with Karolina Shipstead in which she explains the genesis of the popular figure and describes the atmosphere of and her work with LINET.

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