This was also the case at the professional conference of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH) in Britain, which took place in Glasgow in the middle of March this year. There, the LINET UK team presented the TOM 2 paediatric bed and the MiMi cot for newborns.

The quality, equipment and innovative technology of the TOM 2 bed were a great sensation there. The visitors appreciated the individual features and had comments such as "The reverse Trendelenburg angle is great" or "wow, side access bars, these are perfect for cannulation needs!" "Ninety-nine percent of the visitors had a serious interest in the presentation of the TOM 2 bed. The combination of the visual attractiveness of Tom the Bear, the tempting starter packages and the clinical benefits of the bed were a great hit," says Nicola Osborne on behalf of the LINET UK team.

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