"Combining innovative products and smart technologies with clinical know-how and sharing is our long-term strategy for contributing to a higher level of care for the elderly, as well as other clients who are reliant on the help of others”, says Petr Foit, LINET's Sales Director for Export. "An example of the synergistic effect made in LINET is the "hands-free" lateral tilt and its multifunctional use in care for immobile clients and the application for sophisticated therapeutic and preventive procedures in intensive care units," he adds. The Latera Thema bed with lateral tilt will be the focal point of the Moving & Handling workshops. LINET's clinical coaches, Ms Romana Bratůšková and Ms Aneta Vránová, will demonstrate and provide training to participants on the basic principles for the effective use of the beds' functions to the benefit of caretakers and for the greater comfort and safety of clients. The workshop will take place on 14th September and will have 2 scheduled sessions, one starting at 10 am and the other one at 2 pm.

The Sentida 7i bed indicates the direction that caregiving will take in the near future. It involves a combination of design, comfort and smart technologies that provide safer care, reduce human error, are effective, and make care virtually spontaneous, precise, and error-free, and is very comfortable both for clients and for care staff. In the Sentida 7i bed, there is a set of safety measures that prevent the risk of falls and unnecessary injuries, which work systematically, comfortably and without the need for human intervention. Other new features include the humidity kit with incontinence alerts and integrated scales with an evaluation application for the prevention of malnutrition. All the applications are controlled through the intuitive CareBoard control panel with a touch screen, and their main task is to ensure the safety and comfort of clients, which is the number one priority in quality long-term care.

EAHSA - E.D.E. congress

EAHSA (European Association of Homes and Services for the Ageing)
E.D.E. (European Association for Directors and Providers of Long-Term Care Services for the Elderly)

13th –14th September 2018
Prague, Czech Republic

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