British ambassador Nick Archer amazed those in attendance with his very good Czech: “If you speak more slowly, I’ll understand you. But Czech is tough, especially for someone who started learning it at the age of 56.” In English, Zbyněk Frolík then apprised him of LINET’s successes and expansion not only in the British market. This was followed by a very lively discussion on all current issues, such as Great Britain’s exit from the EU and its impact on LINET and its UK subsidiary.  

During a tour, Mr Archer met compatriot Lorraine Demott, a clinical coach, was just introducing a new client to LINET beds. Other practical demonstrations and presentations of LINET products were conducted by Mr Frolík himself.  

Sarangerel Davaajantsan, the Mongolian health minister, also visited the LINET headquarters with her entourage. Josef Nováček, LINET key account manager for the CEE, informed them about the company’s activities in the Mongolian market. The minister found the story fascinating and even mentioned the year 1971, when the Czech Republic played an important role in building the first and largest hospital in Mongolia. She vowed to promote cooperation.  

“Next year, there will be many more hospitals in Mongolia than now. Many of the beds are outdated and will need to be replaced,” said the minister, speaking of promising prospects for the future.  

Luvsansambuu Tumurbaatar, who oversees the activities of all hospitals in Ulaanbaatar, praised the opportunity to see how and where the world-famous beds are made. “Your sales successes and the remarkable number of beds sold is testament their first-class quality.” He went on to point out that “In recent years, Mongolians have begun putting great emphasis on quality, and they know how to compare the long-term value of products from China with those from more distant countries.”

During the visit, Mr Nováček introduced the guests to a concept for training middle medical staff that met with great success and interest. “At the end of May, we’re planning to visit Mongolia, and we’ll gladly accept the personal invitation we received during the meeting directly from a representative of the Mongolian embassy. I believe there’s great potential in the market for interesting cooperation.”

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