The Manager of the Year is unique in the Czech Republic – no other competition honours managers throughout different industries, professions, and regions. It is rightly considered a measure of success in the Czech business market. Among others, the panel of judges recognised as a Manager of the Quarter Century Zbyněk Frolík, who in 2009 was named Manager of the Year.

“I very much value the award. It is proof that, even after 25 years, LINET is one of the most successful Czech companies. Of course, it wouldn’t be without the talented people around me. I was very fortunate to have the right people. Thanks to that, we’ve always grown with LINET,” said Frolík.

The award event was attended by managers, including the president of CEC European Managers, Ludger Ramme. During the ceremonial evening, attendees were given a look at the diverse history of the competition as well as moments showing the top managers who have been instrumental in developing business and society in the Czech Republic.

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