LINET ASIA will manage customer support and coordinate partner organizations that provide distribution and after-sales services. "The demands of the Chinese market today are extremely high, so I see great potential for us and our advanced top quality portfolio. By strengthening our local presence and opening a training and experience center, we can be closer to the customers and respond better to their needs," said Petr Foit, Global Sales Director Export.

The ideal public premiere for the new branch is at the CMEF Spring 2019, where LINET Group will present solutions covering Intensive Care, Acute Care, Obstetrics and Gynecology, as well as One Day Care. "For the first time at CMEF, we will demonstrate the concept of Early Mobilization with LINET. We also see great potential in OBGYN, where LINET is already a worldwide trendsetter by supporting the concept of natural birth while providing a homelike VIP environment which enables dignified quality care during childbirth and creates comfortable moments before and after," said Christian Wurm, Managing Director of LINET Asia Pacific.

One of the main priorities of LINET ASIA is to offer customer support with added value. LINET's clinical team and collaborating professionals have prepared special programs and workshops. The aim is to pass on know-how concerning the efficient and ergonomically correct use of the beds, including their specific therapeutic and preventive functions.

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