Early Mobilization


Continuous, Individualized Ventilation Care is based on a combination of Bed Platform Base Tilt and Electrical Impedance Tomography. This innovation enables precise ventilation management that is individualized, continuous, safe and radiation-free. Participants of the Critical Care Canada Forum 2019 will see this new method live at the LINET Canada booth #21, Sheraton Centre Toronto, 10 – 13 November 2019.

“This ICU event is extremely prestigious, not only on Canadian soil but also internationally. It is a great opportunity for the professional audience to see the potential of our ICU portfolio, especially the Multicare bed, and the latest news – Continuous, Individualized Ventilation Care,” said Adéla Vágnerová, LINET Canada Managing Director. Technological maturity and the need for clinically proven data about successful argumentation are a major challenge concerning LINET's success on the Canadian market. An example that fulfils both of these parameters is the new LINET method for the care of mechanically ventilated patients.

“The effect of automatic lateral therapy on the Multicare bed is to promote ventilation distribution. With EIT, we now have continuous, real-time ventilation imaging to adapt lateral rotation to the patient's current condition and needs,” explained Martin Ričl, Global Clinical Research Manager for LINET Group. “When the patient is turning many people think it’s simple, but it’s not. Many mechanisms in the body don’t work properly when the patient is sick. Using ALT plus EIT is a real breakthrough because it allows treatment to be individualized for each patient and it is much safer and easier for both the patients and the physicians,” he added.

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