MEA LINET Team - Arab Health 2020


“Arab Health is one of the largest global events and its concept, focus, and dynamics are attractive to both exhibitors and visitors. I am delighted that we have launched our newest innovations here - the new generation of SafetyMonitor compatible with our latest bed - the Eleganza 4,” said Jitka Stranska, Managing Director of LINET MEA. The 4-day event transcends the Gulf region and the visitors to the fair are comprised of representatives of both the public and private healthcare sectors, government leaders, and specialists from various healthcare fields from the Middle East and North Africa, Africa, the Indian Subcontinent, Turkey, Europe, Russia, the US, and other geographically distant areas.

One of the most significant goals for LINET Group at professional events is the interaction with important customers, business partners, and distributors, which was achieved during Arab Health 2020. “Our Dubai-based LINET MEA team operates on 3 continents and takes care of clients in more than 50 countries with extremely diverse cultural, professional and price requirements. I am pleased that thanks to our strategy of close contact, presence in the region and participation in such a representative event as Arab Health, we can respond effectively to their needs,” explained Petr Foit, Global Sales Director for Export.

Nearly 5,000 exhibitors participated in Arab Health 2020 and so far the estimated number of visitors has again exceeded 100,000. Its importance is also evidenced by the structure of exhibitors including the “big four“ in the field of medical technology, including LINET Group.

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