The Cubile monitoring technology is particularly well suited to social care. Senior homes want to give their clients a truly home-like setting, and a bed equipped with the Cubile system can make sure everything is alright without caretakers having to disturb clients more than necessary.

The move reinforces LINET’s standing as a leading global innovator in the hospital and social care bed markets. ‘We’re ready to keep buying. I trust that within a few weeks we’ll have completed another acquisition, this time in the area of distribution,’ adds Mr Kolář.

The present acquisition of CubileHealth is valued at several million euros.

LINET Group has also reported record sales for the first part of the 2020 fiscal year (April–June) of 91 million euros, making the quarter the best in the company’s history. The reason for the record number is the ability to satisfy demand generated by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The company adapted its operations and, for the first time ever, is manufacturing beds nonstop in three shifts on one of its production lines.

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