"Multicare is a long-time quality standard in the field of intensive care. We are excited to present the new generation at ISICEM in Brussels. In cooperation with healthcare professionals from all over the world, we have moved our beds even further: they can be operated intuitively, they can monitor patients, communicate with the nursing staff and make their work easier thanks to the prediction ability. They are therefore "nurse friendly". I am sure that by launching Multicare X on the market, we will confirm our position as the world leader in the field," says Tomáš Kolář, Managing Director LINET Group.

In addition to Multicare X, a new generation of beds, LINET will introduce also OptiCare X, the newest version of the anti-decubitus mattress. It brings significant improvements in the area of patient comfort and, at the same time, new modes which are for example designed to support patients in the prone position. It is, in fact, the abdominal position that is used to treat patients with COVID-19.  It allows better blood flow to the lungs and supports breathing.

As part of the scientific ISICEM program, LINET will present the results of a long-term research into the positioning of ventilated patients, which is governed by the latest functional imaging method, electrical impedance tomography (EIT). Simply put, with the help of the automatic lateral therapy (ALT) function we position patients on the Multicare beds and thanks to EIT we observe the effect of positioning in real time. The synergy of these two technologies simplifies the difficult work of medical staff and enables individual optimisation of ventilation therapy for each patient.

The topic will be presented by prof. Marcelo Amato and the Czech specialists on positioning and mechanical ventilation Michal Otáhal a Mikuláš Mlček from the Charles University.

Of course, the company LINET Group will also have a booth at the fair, where we will be pleased to meet you and introduce Multicare X together with OptiCare X. Detailed information on all the news as well as the participation of LINET Group is available at https://isicem.linet.com/enThe fortieth ISICEM will take place in Brussels from August 31 to September 3, 2021. 

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